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Discovering Energy

Children’s non-fiction book

A star, our Sun, is the source of all the energy that makes life on Earth possible. With Discovering Energy, we will discover how energy affects our lives.

The Sun, the wind, the sea, rivers and even we humans generate and transform energy. Want to know how?

Illustration: Eduard Altarriba
Text: Johannes Hirn & Veronica Sanz
Idea proposed by Alababalà

Llibres STEM, Tecnologia Enginyeria

Creating and harnessing energy is a fundamental part of enabling life to exist and thrive on earth. Energy comes in a vast array of different forms – using our muscles and those of other creatures, enabling us to move, lift etc, creating heat and steam through fire, capturing the power of the wind in a ship’s sails or to turn the blades of a wind turbine, harnessing the power of moving water to generate electricity in a hydroelectric power station, applying the forces of magnetism to turn an electric motor, using solar panels to transfer the sun’s energy into electricity for our homes – all of these and more are explained in Discovering Energy.

Buttonbooks: 248 x 248 mm / hardcover / 48 pages / EN
Editorial Juventud: 29 x 29 cm / Cartoné/ 48 pàgines / CA / ES / 
Dourei: 248 x 248 mm / hardcover / 48 pages / EN
AST: 248 x 248 mm / hardcover / 48 pages / EN
Foreign rights: Buttonbooks

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