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Children’s non-fiction book

This book concisely explains what basic economic ideas and theories are, how economic activity affects our everyday lives and how our societies and the wider world are shaped by its structures and rules. From car boots sales to large global businesses, this book explores how economic theories help to explain not only how we act as earners, savers and consumers, but also how places like schools and hospitals are run.

llustration: Eduard Altarriba
An original idea by Alababalà

Book for ‘Understanding the World'

Economics is a book designed to provide an easy-to-understand explanation about the complex world of economics.

Why do some things cost more than other things? Why are some people richer than other people? Where does money come from? Why can’t governments just print money when times are tough?  What causes inflation? From bartering and the emergence of money to investments, the global economy, and the rise of cryptocurrencies, you will learn the fascinating effects of economics in your own life and across the globe.

Button Books: 249 x 204 mm/ 56 pages / EN
Bang: 250 x 200 mm/ 56 pages / ES / CA / FR
Nobell: 236 x 296 mm / 56 pages / PL
Erickson: 236 x 296 mm / 56 pages / IT
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My world’ Collection

My World is a collection of books that aim to explain current affairs in our society in the simplest, most objective way possible, so that children have all the information they need to understand the world around them.

Published title: Economics