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Science book for children

Microbes demystify the hidden world of microbes. Although you can’t see it, we are always accompanied by billions of invisible beings that live on and in us. Between 200 grams and 1 kilogram of our body weight is made up of the bacteria we are carrying.

The book includes clear explanations about how viruses spread, the role of antibodies and the importance of vaccines.

Illustration: Eduard Altarriba
Text: Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón
An original idea by Alababalà

STEM book, Science

Everywhere, wherever you look, on the ground, in a drop of water, in the air and even in your skin, there are living beings too small to be seen. They are called MICROBES; individual living organisms formed by a single cell that are essential for life on Earth. Capable of the very best and the very worst, from releasing the oxygen that we breathe into the atmosphere to making us ill and even causing epidemics and pandemics.

Let’s venture inside this miniscule world of microorganisms and discover these fascinating creatures.

Andana editorial: 285 x 285 mm / Hardcover / 64 pages / ES, CA
Button Books: 248 x 248 mm / Hardcover / 64 pages / EN
21st Century Publishing Group: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 64 pages / CN
Erikcson: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / IT
Grada: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / CZ
Dourei: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / KR
Nathan: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / FR
Domingo: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / TR
aspdkw (Advance Scientific Publishing and Distribution Company): 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / KW
AST: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 68 pages / RU
Foreign Rights contact: carlota@asteriscagents.com
Col·lecció Prof. Darwin

‘Prof. Darwin’ Collection

Prof. Darwin is a collection of books focused on life sciences and biology. In these books, we will cover topics such as genetics, disease, and immunology, our brain, or the difference between viruses and bacteria.

My first book of Microbes