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What is War?

Children’s non-fiction book

What is War is a book designed to offer a simple answer to all the questions kids might ask when hearing about war on the news.

Understanding the causes and consequences of war is the first step towards peace.

Illustration: Eduard Altarriba
An original idea by Alababalà

Book for ‘Understanding the World'

Cicero defined the war as the affirmation by force. Two thousand years later and the next day of the deadliest century in its history, humanity can, more than ever, make it disappear. For this reason, it is necessary to understand what are all its mechanisms, causes, effects and consequences. Knowing the war is the first step towards peace.

This book explains in a synthetic way and by means of brief historical reminders what is the war, as well as all the means deployed to avoid it.

Editorial Bang: 230 x 290 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / ES, CA, FR
Greenbook Publishing: 230 x 290 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / KR
Beltz & Gelberg: 236 x 296 mm / Hardcover / 44 pages / DE
Pikola: 236 x 296 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / CZ
Button Books: 294 x 204 mm / 48 pages / EN
Nobell: 236 x 296 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / PL
Erickson: 236 x 296 mm / 48 pages / IT
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‘My world’ Collection

My World is a collection of books that aim to explain current affairs in our society in the simplest, most objective way possible, so that children have all the information they need to understand the world around them.

What is war