Publishing, illustration and graphic design services

We’re a small studio with Meli and Eduard in Moià, near Barcelona. We like to draw, take photos, research, design, and play, which is why we make an effort to take on jobs that not only are original but also communicate ideas as effectively as possible. We like developing ideas, seeking out the best partners and collaborators, and creating projects related to the world of art, design, illustration, games, and above all, books.
Serveis Editorials

Publishing services and Project management

Developing a project from start to finish: looking for ideas, proposals, creating content, researching materials and technologies, seeking out the best professionals and looking after all creative and production processes until the project’s final implementation, which is perhaps the job we like the most.
Serveis - Disseny gràfic i editorial

Graphic and editorial design

Sometimes, we’re asked to take charge of the design and illustration of a specific project. This can encompass all manner of projects: logos, flags, calendars, exhibitions, etc. But we always ensure that all works done by the studio meet the needs of our clients in good time while conveying our way of living and viewing things.

Serveis - Maquetació

Layout and process automation

Technology lets us create a core document that imports content directly from data files. This reduces mistakes, revisions and corrections. And this also makes it possible to update the document semiautomatically. This option is highly useful for works involving variable data (tags, cards, etc.) as well as for more complex files such as price lists or rate cards.
Disseny de jocs. Diseño de juegos. Game desing

Game design

Playing is the best way to learn, and we simply love games and toys. This is why we enjoy creating, designing and illustrating all kinds of recreational projects, from board games to entire escape rooms. As with books, we develop our own projects, but we also love working with friends and partners to bring their ideas to life.